The key takeaway for me in the WBW post was about stack ranking the octopus tentacles (prioritize what's important in our lives during different spans of time). And that we need to revisit this often as our lives change.

As you mentioned, you and your wife have a daughter. Certainly priorities in your home life changed after your became parents - I know how much mone did! Different tentacle takes top shelf, even if we didn't consciously think about it. Suddenly going out after work with colleagues dropped a few shelves compared to going home to my family.

I think about this shelf model all the time. Love that WBW gave me a way to visualize it. I need visual queues since I think visually through and though.

Glad you quoted the other takeaway that I haven't thought about! 40 year career tunnel doesn't even have to be a single career. Doesn't have to be 40 years either. I'm in a second field in my adult life. I may well transition again in the future (either by choice or more likely necessity).

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