I’ve been reading this for two weeks! 🤣 I started reading but wasn’t able to finish. I think it says something about your writing that I came back to finish! Thanks for sharing your thought process. I definitely found the Buddhist principle of suffering interesting and will be digging into that more. It’s hard to bring a child into a world that seems to have so much suffering!

On the day I went into labor with my first son in 1999 (yeah, I’m old!), I watched as news of the Columbine mass shooting unfolded. Horrific! I questioned why in the world I would bring a child into this.

I also found it funny that you said you didn’t even like kids. Neither did I until I had my own. Looking forward to part 2!

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Nick Ang

The sweetest thing of having a kid is that I can have a permanent playmate until my kid grown up and get married.

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