Jul 29, 2022Liked by Nick Ang

For me, by prioritizing what's more important in my life helps in this situation. I made a ranking in my mind: 1. Family, 2. Myself, 3. Work so whenever I'm facing situation to choose this ranking will be what I will take reference from. It is something like choosing between what's a Need and what's a Want for me.

Recently, I came to realize that I'm not treating my wife properly whenever she asked me to take photo for her when I brought her and my kid out over the weekends. I don't really like to take photo and it irritates me a lot... However, the thought of her making sacrifices to take care our kid and taking photo is the only hobby she have crossed my mind so I told myself: " Taking photo is not a difficult job and taking care of the kid is not a one-man job, it's a team effort." I'm quite surprised that after this mindset change, my attitude towards taking photo for her changed as well. XD

I'm just sharing my thoughts and not an advice for you. Finding that balance is important and I hope you can find yours too!

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