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Why there's a need to differentiate between European or Asian way of raising our child? I see it as our way of raising our child, taking in the good parts of various ways to raise the child and impart the values that are important.

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Good point! It's more about what will we do when tension arises between two ways of raising a child in specific aspects. Should we give her a more independent upbringing, or one that is more communal? Should we not interfere when she picks soil and puts it into her mouth, or should we, for her safety? Questions like that are easier to answer when we (the parents) have committed more to one way of parenting over another.

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Yeah, there are pros and cons for different styles of parenting. To me, parenting shouldn't be fixed to just one way. As a child grows up, he/she might have different needs/mindset so the ways of parenting should be update every now and then to suit the situation but of course we shouldn't forget the core values that we set out from the beginning of this parenting journey.

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