Thoughts on going back to work soon

I’m 2 weeks shy of being back at work after a 3-month block of parental leave and I’m in a bit of a pensive mood. Here's an unfiltered dump of the things that have been sort of haunting me about going back to work:

  • How will my wife cope with looking after our daughter by herself from Mon-Fri, 9-5 again? What can I do to help?

  • What project will I be working on when I’m back at Shopify? Will I be up to the job, or will I need to learn a lot of new things just to start doing a little to contribute?

  • Fall and soon winter will be here and we’d just bought our campervan. Will we be under-utilising it or will we be able to find ways to continue doing short trips in the cold? Or perhaps we’ll travel to southern Europe during winter and work from there for 90 days (as my remote job allows it)?

  • How will/should I split my time between family, side projects (like writing this newsletter, etc.), and sports once all this parental-leave-free-time is behind me?

While I reflect on these in my own time, I’m hoping to hear what’s been on your mind lately, as an odd way to de-stress. What else are people thinking about or struggling with?