As I was walking down the paseo in the south of Spain last month, I experienced a painful identity crisis. It hit me that I hadn't been enjoying my work…

February 2023

I often get overstimulated when using my iPhone. Do you experience something similar? For me, it's a subtle build-up of smaller moments of stimulation…
A post-Netflix perspective
AKA how not to be a reclusive person whom nobody learns from (i.e. the Writer)

January 2023

You're working closely on a difficult project with a colleague. Difficult as in your face gets crushed up like a piece of paper regularly as you think…
is to do stuff
my unintentionally contrarian take on the new year

December 2022

With @nickang_crap, a place for a new DAILY practice
I already have basically everything I want. Now what?

November 2022

Hi everyone, I'm writing this from the rooftop of my campervan somewhere in Germany near Strasbourg, France. The baby is asleep at the back and I can…
The environment for a child is not the city, it's the parents.
Thoughts on the language, people, aesthetic, and life here.